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Dr. Christian Meyer

e-mail: cm [DOT] math [AT] gmx [DOT] de


2007 - present


2005 - 2007

KPMG Deutsche Treuhand AG

2001 - 2005

Algebraic Geometry Group, Institute of mathematics, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Validation book:

with P. Quell: Risk Model Validation, Second Edition, Risk Books (2016). ISBN: 9781782722632.

cover rmv2

Previous edition: Risk Model Validation - A Practical Guide to Addressing the Key Questions, Risk Books (2011). ISBN: 9781906348519.

cover rmv1

Calabi-Yau book:

Modular Calabi-Yau Threefolds, Fields Institute Monograph 22 (2005). ISBN: 0-8218-3908-X.

cover CY

Supplementary material:

There are two web pages containing supplementary material for the book, one at the Fields Institute and one at the AMS, but they are outdated. Please use the material below instead.

Material for further experiments:

Using William A. Stein's package HECKE (included in the MAGMA computer algebra system) I computed Fourier coefficients of newforms for \Gamma_0(N) with rational coefficients for certain weights. Each row of the tables contains a level and the coefficients of a certain newform of this level for the first 25 primes (2 to 97).


Papers and arXiv preprints in probability and mathematical finance:

Papers and arXiv preprints in algebraic geometry:

Unpublished mathematical papers:



Back in the early 1990s, using Omikron Basic 3.5 and the corresponding compiler, I wrote the car race game GPPO (or GPPD, in an earlier version) for Atari ST(E) systems. It requires 640x400 b/w resolution (I think it probably was the only car race game available for us SM124 users). It will run, for example, under the Steem Atari STE emulator.

race car


If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail but keep in mind that 20+ years is quite a long time.

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